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Why You Need Home Insurance

Home insurance is there to protect you from unexpected events.

There are 2 main types of home insurance

  • Home contents
  • Buildings insurance

Home Contents Insurance

Home contents cover is there to protect the contents within your home. If you have a fire in your kitchen, replacing your kitchen costs thousands of pounds. That’s were your home contents insurance comes in.

Add on’s can include accidental damage. This can be useful if you have young children.

Remember to declare any expensive items. most insurers will have a maximum payout for a particular type of item, unless you declare it. Yes your insurance premium will be slightly higher, but your items will be fully covered to their true value.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is designed for the structure of your home. This covers the roof and other structural aspects of your home.

Your mortgage lender will require you have buildings insurance as part of any mortgage agreement.

Most insurers will combine the two but always make it clear you want buildings and contents insurance to be sure.

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