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Save Money By
save by switching mortgages
Remortgaging Makes Sense

A remortgage allows you to switch to a mortgage that saves you money and better suits your needs today.

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reduce your monthly repayments
Lower Rate of Interest

By switching to a mortgage with a lower rate of interest you benefit from the savings.

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Unlock equity in your home
Release Equity

By switching to another mortgage you have the ability to release equity currently locked in your home.

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What Is a Remortgage ?

Remortgaging is simply the process of changing your existing mortgage lender to another with a better rate.

Why Remortgage ?

Most people will remortgage several times during the lifetime of their mortgage. The reason for remortgaging is to take advantage of better rates to save money.

If you are on your lenders standard variable rate (SVR) you will be paying more than if you switched mortgages.

The main reasons for remortgaging are:

  • To get a better rate
  • Lower monthly repayments
  • Release equity

How Long Does it Take ?

You are applying for a mortgage with another lender. This means the whole process will take around the same time as it would applying for any mortgage.

How Much Can I save ?

This depends how much you are paying now compared to how much you will be paying with your new mortgage.

Some people can save £1000’s a year. It is related to your current mortgage rate and the value of your mortgage.

We recommend calling us on 0117 3254499 to discuss your options. There is no obligations and we can quickly show you how much can be saved by switching.

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by submitting this form you agree to our use of your data as outlined in our Privacy Policy

Benefits of remortgaging

A remortgage offers a range of benefits, depending what your own purpose for remortgaging is:

  • Lower interest rate
  • Reduce your repayments
  • Convert equity into cash

Our process is quick and simple, we take as much of the boring paperwork out of the equation as possible.

Real time market search to find the most up to date offers on the market.

Your needs change so why shouldn’t you change mortgages to reflect this.

A quick phone call and we’ll discuss what you want from your new mortgage and get to work. It’s a great time to remortgage with so many great offers on the market.

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